Monday, April 23, 2007

Mass Effect: September in Europe

Few Xbox 360 games have been the subject of more release date speculation than BioWare's upcoming Sci-Fi RPG. The game has never had a solid release date but Bioware co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka had insinuated the game would be out before mid-July when he stated that Mass Effect would not be appearing at this year's E3. The game has since been expected to drop sometime in mid-to-late June, early July at the latest.

Adding more fuel to the fire however, Euro-focused website CVG claims that the game won't be released until September, citing a Microsoft event as the source of the info. While this news has spread like wildfire and stabbed many gamers right through their fool hearts, no one stopped to consider that a Euro release date for a text and speech laden RPG like Mass Effect is bound to be months after any US release due to localization issues. If anything, this is good news for North American fans.

My guess? Mass Effect in Europe in September(or later depending on when Microsoft decides to unleash the Chief), June/July in North America.

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