Monday, May 21, 2007

Shock and Corruption the week of Aug. 19th

No, it's not a new US military offensive, it's Microsoft and Nintendo's covert operation to keep gamers indoors as the summer begins to come to an end and kick off the annual flood of Holiday titles a month early.

Irrational Software's Bioshock is without a doubt my most anticipated game of the year. They played a horrible, horrible joke earlier this year when they laid down the carpet of a June release date and then promptly pulled it out from under me, revealing an open grave with a tombstone marked August 22nd. So it goes.

Not to be outdone, Nintendo had promised Metroid Prime 3: Corruption would be a launch title for the Wii. Shortly before November 19th it suddenly became a "launch window" title, the release designation that is the bane of console launches and gamers everywhere. The time period that could even remotely be considered the "launch window" came and went with no news from Nintendo, outside of a "read my lips" promise from NOA Prez Reggie Fils-Aime that there would be no Wii drought. Now, months into the Wii Drought of 2007 Nintendo has finally announced a final release date for Corruption: August 20th.

Yes, that's right, my 2 most anticipated games of the year, after seeing more than their share of delays will now be released 2 days apart. In a perfect world I would've been done with Metroid Prime 3 months ago and be gearing up for Bioshock right now.

This is not a perfect world, ladies and gentlemen. It is a cruel world. A sick world. One which makes you choose between Bioshock and Metroid Prime 3, and also between sleep, food, and a life.

Ahh, who am I kidding, Bioshock wins, I know what to expect from Metroid, Bioshock looks to be one of the most original games in years. I'll save Prime 3 for the inevitable Wii Drought of 2008. Assuming Mario Galaxy makes it out in 2007 (my prediction? Galaxy this Fall, Smash Bros... Someday.) that adds up to a grand total of one other must-play Wii title for me.

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