Tuesday, March 20, 2007

360 WILL Cry

Capcom has been one of the 360's biggest supporters with both Dead Rising and Lost Planet being major exclusives for the system. With future titles like Resident Evil 5 long confirmed for release on both 360 and PS3 it seemed more than possible that the publisher's Devil May Cry 4 would end up on the 360 as well.

Today Capcom made it official, not only confirming DMC4 will be making an appearance on the 360 but that it will do so simultaneously with the PS3 release, adding to the list of former PS3 exclusives that are now multiplatform.

So, any bets on what the next formerly PlayStation exclusive game/series will be making its way to 360? Metal Gear Solid 4? Final Fantasy XIII? Tekken 6?

Well, that was quick: it's Ace Combat 6!

via 1up

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