Thursday, March 8, 2007

Fable 2's interface is Bitchin'!

Or should I say Fable 2's interface IS a bitch, literally? One of the new features in the sequel has been revealed to be a dog sidekick who will have a more important role in the game then one might expect (or desire?). From the mouth of Fable master mind Peter Molyneux:

"...your dog will act as a sort of living HUD. The game has no map, no other user interface on screen. Instead you will have to rely on the dog and what he sees and does." the main character in Fable supposed to be blind? It sounds like they've got a seeing eye dog.

You come upon two bad guys and pull our your gun (yes, the game has guns) and the dogs knows automatically attack the closer targets.”

OK, so now we have guns AND dogs, which of course begs the question: Will your dog laugh at you if you miss said bad guys and (this is the important part) will you be able to shoot your dog when he does?

Source: New Fable 2 Feature: Dog Sidekick! - GWN (via removed Kotaku post)

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