Tuesday, March 20, 2007

GAME INFORMER: Black 360 coming in April

These Black 360 stories have been popping up for months and now the latest issue of Game Informer is insisting that it is rumor no more and the HDMI enabled, 120GB HDD equipped Box will hit in late April.

They list the price as $479.99 which is consistent with earlier reports of the SKU appearing in some retailers POS systems at that price, but something tells me it could be a placeholder price. Microsoft has yet to drop the price on the 360 and with a new system revision coming now is the perfect opportunity to do so without actually doing so.

If they did away with the HDD-less Core system, which was a mistake right from the beginning, and lowered the price of the Premium system to the Core's $299 price then the new system could take over as the Premium at $399. Extra features aside, raising the price of the system would be a dubious strategy. The new system is also apparently still Wi-Fi free, adding $100 to the cost if you need to buy Microsoft's absurdly priced Wi-Fi adapter.

Get with it MS, the DS Lite has built in Wi-Fi and doesn't cost much more than your adapter! Either package it with the system or lower the price to under $50.

GameInformer also reports that the 120GB HDD will be available separately for under $200, for those of you out there who are getting close to filling up your 13GB HDD's on your current 360.

via Kotaku

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