Thursday, February 21, 2008


Looking over my page on my former home, Got-Next, shows that my last blog post was over 4 months ago. Where does the time go? I guess all those holiday titles actually got me to spend more time playing games as opposed to just reading and writing about them.

A lot has happened since then: Hollywood writers went on strike for pretty much as long as I've been away and are just now getting back to work. It pretty much destroyed the TV season with shows like Heroes just plain sucking during what little episodes they had filmed and now being on hiatus until the Fall at the earliest. I wish they would pretend the first part of "Season Two" never happened and just start over from the end of Season One. Hopefully they can pull themselves back up and turn things around or it is going to be the fastest an excellent show has ever been run into the ground.

The PS3 started to actually look like it'll be the worth the money it costs to own one, particularly now that Blu-ray has officially emerged as the victor in its battle with HD-DVD. This unmuddies the hi-def waters that was causing consumers to stay out of the deep end, and continue to wade in the kiddie pool with plain ol' DVD. With some awesome looking games coming in 2008 both on disc and on PSN it's definitely going to be a good year to own a PS3.

The 360's no slouch either with Gears of War 2 just announced for November and Fable 2 confirmed to have 2-player drop-in, drop-out co-op. Too Human was also brought out from behind closed doors at GDC this week and it's looking quite nice. Hopefully we'll be getting that June-ish. And with any luck Alan Wake will make it out this year too. Damn, does that game look nice.

The Wii has been more or less a disappointment with No More Heroes letting me down big time but WiiWare has been confirmed to be available starting May 12th and they seem to have some cool indie games like Luc Bernard's Eternity's Child. I'm also looking forward to the port of Okami. Other than that Nintendo has next to nothing announced for 2008, outside of continuing to sell millions of systems to your Grandma.

Well, that's enough rambling for now. I really need to give myself a word cap per post or something...

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