Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is Project RedLime?

In the midst of the Game Developer's Conference today it was revealed that Riddick developer Starbreeze Studios are "deep in development on Project RedLime", a reinvention of a classic franchise for EA. No other details are known at this point or if the RedLime code name has any meaning for the project or if it is simply a red herring.

1up doesn't speculate on possible titles in their article but ponder this: Bioshock was arguably the biggest new franchise of last year. Bioshock was a spiritual successor to the System Shock games. EA owns the rights to System Shock. EA likes money.

It could very well be that Starbreeze is reinventing Road Rash, the Strike series, or Mutant League Football but given their pedigree (dark, story driven FPS'), System Shock makes perfect sense.

Most importantly, I also wish it to be so.

[via 1up]

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