Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Resident Evil Zero Gets With the Waggle

Ahh, Capcom. They can never resist the siren call of a quick buck. Following the success of last year's Wii-ified Resident Evil 4 port, Capcom has decided to cash in once again, this time with a quick and dirty port of the Gamecube exclusive Resident Evil Zero.

The problem here is that unlike RE4, Zero played just like all the previous games in the series: with sketchy controls and aiming that consisted of up, straight ahead, and down. Slapping motion controls on that is going to be awkward at best and, more likely than not, make the game control even worse.

No thanks, Capcom. How about remaking RE 1 or 2 using the RE4 engine? THAT I would buy.

I'm sorry, what? Oh, that would actually take effort? Right. How silly of me.

[via Resident Evil Horror]

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