Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Final Fantasy PSP remakes:now 33% more SNES like!

In an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for "Most Times A Game Has Been Remade/Ported" (an award currently held by Resident Evil 1 or maybe Street Fighter II), SquareEnix is bringing the first two Final Fantasy games to Sony's handheld.

According to the games, which will see a Japanese release this year, the 20th anniversary of the series, will look "more like the SNES Final Fantasies than previous remakes."

Now, the PS1 and GBA remakes looked pretty much like SNES quality to me so I'm not sure how they can look more SNES like. What Square needs to do is start remaking the PS1 era Final Fantasy titles with SNES graphics, like that Ocarina of Time remake. Maybe make FFVII a side scroller, Zelda II style. In all honesty though, I'd give my kidney for a PS3 (or even better, 360 with achievements like Unlock General Leo as a Playable Character) remake of Final Fantasy VI.

VII is inevitable, but I hope when Square gets around to doing remakes of the SNES Fantasies they don't end up on the DS. Final Fantasy III is a great game but the epic stories of the 2nd gen FF games really deserve big budget remakes.

And speaking of FFVII, Square just last week mentioned they had a big surprise announcement regarding Final Fantasy coming by the end of 2007, now is this announcement the big one they promised or is this the year the FFVII remake will be officially announced?

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