Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ghostbusters busted.

As it turns out, the Ghostbusters game is indeed real, running on Xbox 360 hardware, but European developer Zootfly has stalled development on the game as they are having trouble securing the rights to the license. While they try and obtain the license they are also working on another title, inspired by Ghostbusters, called TimeO.

While the name has got to go, the early teasers on the game's website show potential.

Whether Zootfly is allowed to go forward with their Ghostbusters game or not, they've demonstrated that there is certainly an interest among gamers in seeing a game made, and that it could be quite awesome if done properly. I expect that we'll be seeing a Ghostbusters game one way or another in the next couple years.

Let's just hope it's not those other Ghostbusters. You know, the ones with the gorilla named Tracey.

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