Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New XBLA Titles Unveiled

2007 has gotten off to a slow start for Xbox Live Arcade, with next to nothing being released in January and what was released (Ms. Pacman, Heavy Weapon) not particularly compelling. Last week's big release was the add-on packs for Lumines LIVE with no new game in sight for this week. Big hitters like Alien Hominid HD, Worms, Catan, and Castlevania are seemingly always off on the horizon but Microsoft today revealed the next 10 games scheduled to be released, with those four among them:

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures (Wanako Games / Sierra Online)
Alien Hominid HD (The Behemoth)
Band of Bugs (NinjaBee)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Konami)
Catan (Big Huge Games Inc)
Eets: Chowdown (Klei Entertainment Inc.)
LUXOR 2 (MumboJumbo LLC)
Paperboy (Digital Eclipse / Midway)
Root Beer Tapper (Digital Eclipse / Midway)
Worms (Team 17 Software)

The first of them will be released in February and the rest will follow in the weeks and months to come as they are not guaranteeing a game per week or any order for the games' release.

Source: Microsoft Reveals Ten New Titles Coming To Xbox Live Arcade - Game Informer

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