Wednesday, January 24, 2007

PS3 firmware 1.5 released

One of the major problems the PS3 has had since launch was its shoddy backwards compatibility as many PSX and PS2 games looked hideous when played on the new hardware. That is no longer the case with the PS3's 1.5 upgrade which is available now. And while it still won't upscale the games (as 1up implies it does) like the 360 does with it's limited list of BC titles, they should look at least as good as they did running on the original hardware.

The PS3 is incapable of upscaling via hardware which is why there continues to be no fix for those of us who have 1080i HDTV's. The use of my PS3 as a result has been limited to viewing Blu-ray movies, at which it excels.

Source: - Sony Fixes Backward Compatibility Issues in PS3 Update

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