Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ico developer working on new PS3 title...

You've gotta love Japan. Where else would Sony take out a full page ad (left) announcing that Team Ico is looking to hire new staffers to work on their new PS3 game?

This isn't really major news as no images or even project titles have been revealed and it was already known the team was working on a PS3 title, but it never hurts to have a little reminder that it's coming. It was early 2004 when rumblings of "NICO"(a pun on the Japanese number 2, "Ni") first hit the web and the final product, Shadow of the Colossus, didn't arrive until late 2005. A similar schedule would put Thrico (sorry couldn't resist!) out in Fall 2008.

At that point, Final Fantasy XIII should be right around the corner, the US will be electing a new President and Half Life 2 Episode 2 still won't be out.

Source: Colossus devs cooking up PS3 project? - Gamespot

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