Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Okami for Wii?

File this under: Please God let it be true.

IGN tells tale of a juicy rumor originating from the ever mysterious "reliable industry insider" or Rii as he/she shall henceforth be known. According to Rii, Capcom is "seriously considering creating a Wii version and may even be working on it as we speak."

Capcom UK on the other hand claims it is "highly unlikely" but what the hell does Capcom UK know anyway? They're just there to ensure that poor British gamers get their games as long after their American cousins as possible. Besides, if you've got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. A cursory "No comment" would've sufficed and helped perpetuate my hopes of this actually happening, if even for just a few minutes longer.

The bad thing about this is, I started playing a very little bit of Okami when it was originally released and found it to be quite enjoyable but I backburnered it to save it for the post holiday drought. I planned on starting it up again after I finish Zelda but now I've got to wait for confirmation or outright refutation from Capcom Japan. I'd much rather play it on the Wii, especially as they'll surely add extra stuff if it happens.

It seems like a no-brainer. The Wii is already getting plenty of PS2 ports (see Manhunt 2) and Okami is a game that deserves a second chance if there ever was one. It's cel-shaded graphics and Zelda-style gameplay would be a perfect fit on the Wii, not to mention the game's unique paint brush mechanic which were begging for motion control to begin with.

If Capcom had any idea how popular the Wii would become they probably would've made it a Wii game to begin with...

Wii could definitely use more games like Okami to battle the neverending flood of Nickelodeon games and licensed crap in general so let's hope Capcom takes pity on Wii owners.

Wii don't want no Spongebob!

Source: Okami Leaping Onto Wii?-IGN Wii

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