Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Silent Hill game revealed...

Konami is finally answering the prayers of Silent Hill fans the world over (or at least Japan) and giving them what they've always wanted: Nope, not Silent Hill 5, not a PS3/360 remake of the original game...Silent Hill the arcade light gun game!

Yes that's right, a House of the Dead style blast-a-thon based on a series where more often than not your weapon is a 2x4 or a lead pipe and the best method for surviving is running right past monsters.

The only way they could make this game better would be to base it on the movie!

I've gotta say though, the cabinet is quite cool.

Now Konami, get back to work on Silent Hill 5 and/or that SH1 remake. I love Silent Hill but it was an ugly game even when it was brand new. A next-gen remake would instantly become my most wanted game.

Oh, and stop making 3D Castlevania's for God's sake. Thanks.

Source: Next Silent Hill Not on Consoles, But in Arcades - 1up

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