Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Darwinia Confirmed for XBLA

With the cat out of the bag courtesy of the ESRB, Darwinia developer Introversion has officially announced that Darwinia+ Survival of the Flattest will be released for Xbox Live Arcade this Fall. Why the +? As I speculated, Darwinia for XBLA will also incorporate the awkwardly (yet appropriately) titled Multiwinia, which adds a multiplayer component that the PC original lacked.

Introversion has a couple of other unique titles currently available for PC including one I've always wanted to try called Defcon. It's a game about nuclear war in which you can't win, so the goal is to "lose the least". How awesome is that? Maybe it'll come out on XBLA at some point too...

[via Introversion]

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