Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Take Two Makes Bioshock 2 Official

Exciting, right? Well, not really. All Take-Two did was announce they are targeting Fall 2009 for the sequel, all the juicy details like, what is the story behind the game, will it have any connection to the first game, etc. etc. will have to wait for another day as they just aren't talking. They did confirm that the newly formed studio 2K Marin will be taking over development duties from Irrational (now 2K Boston). Apparently Shock mastermind Ken Levine will serve at least in some advisory capacity but I'd expect he'll be more focused on whatever 2K Boston has on their plate.

It's probably going to be awhile before we get any concrete details on the game (hell, Gears of War 2 comes out in 8 months and it was only just officially announced) so don't start getting too excited just yet.

[via 1up]

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