Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost Planet Colonies Finally Unveiled

We've been hearing the title Lost Planet Colonies for almost a year now, most recently when it was rated T by the ESRB and then just last week when the achievements were revealed. Capcom's silence about the project led to speculation on whether it would be a sequel or a map pack, or even some sort of strategy title.

As it turns out, the answer is "none of the above". Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition, as it will officially be known, is the Platinum Hits version of the original Lost Planet. Of course, it's much more than that. It is, in fact, the greatest screw job PS3 owners have been subjected to yet. Possibly one of the most spectacular screw jobs ever in the history of gaming.

LP:EC:CE (you've gotta love Capcom) will include all of the bonus content from the just released PS3 edition of Lost Planet: bonus characters, missions, extra maps, the whole nine yards.

In addition to that, Colonies adds three new single player modes, six new multiplayer modes, four new maps, nine new multiplayer characters (two new female, two robot, and five others), a bunch of new weapons, and tops the whole thing off with PC/360 cross-platform play. All for $10 less than the PS3 version's $40 price tag.

The big question is, if Capcom has been planning this major update to the game for almost a year, why the hell didn't they just wait an extra 2 months and release it for PS3 also?

I wasn't a fan of Lost Planet on 360 and I'm not primarily a PS3 gamer but damn, Capcom really gave PS3 owners the middle finger on this one.

Capcom, why don't you port Dead Rising over to PS3 and then give the 360 a super special edition with co-op play and a whole mess of other extras? That's a game I'd much rather see revisited.

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