Friday, March 28, 2008

New Alien Crush Coming to WiiWare

Here's an IM conversation I just had with my girlfriend:

weeper: No f****n' way!!!!
I loved aliens crush!!!!
Me: yeah hopefully it'll be good
weeper: Yay!
Me: i was always more partial to devil's crush but alien crush was sick too
weeper: I might actually start playing my wii
Me: heh i didn't think you'd be that excited about it :)
weeper: yeah, i'm all nostalgic and s**t
Me: hell yeah nostalgia rules

Will the classic game remakes ever end!? Hopefully not as nostalgia does, in fact, rule. Except when it causes you to replay old games you loved that kind of suck nowadays. I hate that. Pinball is exempt from that because pinball is timeless.

True story: there is a copy of Alien Crush that has been floating around me and my girlfriend's room for years. Every once in a while we rearrange the room, inevitably come across it and then it gets stuck somewhere again. Neither of us have played it in years since our Turbo systems are in storage (she's got a TG-16 and a Turbo Express and I have a Duo I've used for maybe 3 hours total) but for some reason this single game never got packed away.

[via Destructoid]

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