Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rock Band Update Brings In-Game Music Store

After 4 full months on the market, Rock Band has amassed dozens of downloadable songs, one week at a time, and the selection increases at the rate of about a dozen a month. Navigating through this mass of content in the Live Marketplace has become a bit unwieldy and having to quit out of the game in order to purchase new content has always been inconvenient, which is why the announcement of an in-game music store is a more than welcome surprise.

Much more than just an in-game portal to the music, the Music Store also provides previews of each song, a feature users have wanted from day one. In my case, I'm not a fan of cover versions of songs (denoted by the "As Made Famous by" preceding the band name) so the preview feature will come in handy to see how good a job they did on any given song and whether it's worth shelling out for.

The interface looks and works fantastic, displaying the album art for each song as well as giving a difficulty breakdown for every instrument, so you can see if a particular song is challenging on drums or easy on guitar for example.

While it could be argued that something like this should've been available to begin with, I would imagine they probably wanted to wait and see how consumers reacted to the constant stream of new songs before investing the time into making a nice interface to buy them. In reality such an interface has only become necessary now that there are so many songs; so if anything, I'd say it's right on time.

[via Kotaku]

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