Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bionic Commando ReArmed Almost Finished

Simon Viklund, Creative Director on Bionic Commando ReArmed announced today that the game is only a matter of weeks away from being submitted to Microsoft for certification, which means it could very well make it out by the end of May if all goes smoothly.

Viklund decribes the game as a "love letter to the entire sidescrolling genre and its fans, and the original Bionic Commando and its fans in particular" and that they've already started dreaming about what retro love letter they'd like to work on next.

I really hope the game does well enough for Capcom to continue to fund remakes like this because games like 1942: Joint Strike and Commando 3 just look too damn cool. I'm stingy with my virtual dollars, the last game I dropped any MS Points (or Wii Points, or PSN Dollars) on was Rez back in January but I'll be buying BCR day one for sure.


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