Thursday, April 17, 2008

UTIII Still Coming to 360

The status of Unreal Tournament III for Xbox 360 has kind of been up in the air in the months since the PS3 version shipped. Epic has been trying, apparently without success, to get Microsoft to allow user mods in the game, but it looks like it will be coming out regardless.

To make up for this shortcoming somewhat, the 360 edition will ship with 5 new exclusive maps, a couple of new characters, and all of the downloadable content Epic has created for the PS3 and PC versions so far. Not too shabby. Knowing Epic, they will continue to support the game with free content packs as well.

I tried UTIII on PS3 when it came out and it didn't do much for me but it didn't help that it looked like crap because the game only supports 720p (my TV downscales anything that isn't 1080i to 480p). I'll probably give it another chance when it hits 360 depending on when it's released. Some retailers have it listed for early June, others late June. There's a lot of stuff coming out in June though, including MGS4, LEGO Indiana Jones, Alone in the Dark, and Ninja Gaiden II.

[via IGN]

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