Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bionic Commando ReArmed Garners M Rating.

The original Bionic Commando for NES had one of the most memorable endings of the 8-bit era with a short scene gorier than anything Nintendo would typically allow even into the N64 era. Nintendo required all references to Nazism removed from the game, so how this scene (spoilers!) survived censorship is anyone's guess.

Regardless, the developers of the game's XBLA/PSN remake were faced with the difficult decision of keeping the scene intact (with even more realistic graphics), and staying true to the original, or cutting it to score a T rating. Thankfully, they decided that since the entire game was about staying true to the original it'd be wrong to cut one of the most important scenes and as a result the game will carry an M-rating when it releases later this Spring.

It's strange to think that Bionic Commando would've been rated M if the ESRB had been around twenty years ago. Although, realistically, the game most certainly would've been censored in that case. Makes you wonder what else has been censored over the years to get a lower rating.

[via CVG]

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