Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You're Gonna Be Away From HOME For the Summer

It was only a couple weeks ago that the Official PlayStation magazine gave word that the Home Beta would be starting "very soon". The bad news is, unless you consider the Fall "very soon", Sony jumped the gun with the announcement.

Yes, the beta which was scheduled to start last Fall before being delayed until Q1 2008 has been delayed once again. Sony apparently bit off way more then it could chew with Home, which was supposed to have been officially released by now.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kazuo Hirai, lets us down gently:

"[W]e have come to the conclusion that we need more time to refine the service to ensure a more focused gaming entertainment experience than what it is today."

Tune in this Fall when we bring you the news of a further delay to Spring 2009.

[via 1up]

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