Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Prototype Loses Co-op

Prototype is a title that's fairly high up on the list of games I'm looking forward to this year, for a number of reasons. As of today though, co-op play is no longer one of them. Radical Entertainment has announced that co-op will not make it into the game for launch, but they aren't ruling out a DLC pack later on that would add the feature.

As a fan of online co-op gameplay it's always disappointing when a game loses it as an option, but I think Prototype will stand tall as a single player game. It's not like Kane and Lynch where removing the co-op kind of defeated the purpose of the whole game.

As of right now Gamestop is showing a late October release date for Prototype so it's really going to have to be awesome to go toe-to-toe with the onslaught of games you just know will be unleashed at that time.

[via GameInformer]

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