Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Second New Clancy Franchise Announced

With the Clancy name as big as it is, it's hard to believe that almost 5 years have passed since Ubisoft released a new franchise bearing the moniker (the original Splinter Cell). The mega-publisher is now apparently making up for lost times as they have announced a second new Clancy title that will be joining the previously announced EndWar this Fall.

Tom Clancy's HAWX is set in 2012 and will put you in the cockpit of over 50 planes decked out with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from planes from four whole years into the future. That unfortunately means no laser beams or neutron bombs, but laser-guided missiles and regular explodey bombs are probably a lock.

I've always liked the idea of air combat games but have always found them to be extremely boring. With a little Tom Clancy flavor and some 4 player co-op, hopefully HAWX will be a winning recipe. Lord knows they aren't going to win anything for that name.

[via IGN]

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